Private Piano Lessons with Carolyn Kotok

Daytime Corporate Client Lessons in City of London



International and local Reviews


"Carolyn Kotok gave us an evening of a caliber unrivalled in recent years...breathtaking precision and lightness... glittering virtuosity... infinite beauty… a recital extremely difficult to criticise. 'It was superb!' is simply all one needs to say."
Bad Oeynhausen WB

"Displayed formidable strength of finger, arm and mind."

The Times, Wigmore Hall

  Lakeside outdoor concert in Poland

[In Rachmaninov's Second Sonata] lyricism and dynamism combined to thrilling effect and crowned an excellent recital with impassioned intensity."

Musical Opinion

"... held her audience spellbound."
Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung

"Kotok has virtuosity sufficient to sustain her musical ideas. But she relies on musicianship, the idea behind the notes, rather than mere pianistic facility. ... refreshing committed playing."
The Washington Post, Kennedy Center

"The audience overwhelmed the pianist repeatedly, with enthusiastic applause, shouts of 'Bravo' and standing ovations… [while she] filled the hall effortlessly with music and a very personal and committed style of playing."
Bad Oeynhausen NW

"A colourful and passionate performance totally involved and involving and wonderfully exciting."
Musical Opinion, South Bank

"Carolyn Kotok knew how to make her instrument sing with a natural grace, a delicacy of detail and that inner serenity which captures the soul."
Vevey Riviera, Switzerland

"...stunning rendition... memorable... exquisite interpretation... Kotok is clearly an artist destined for a major career."
Union Town Herald Standard, USA debut

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  Concert performance in USA

"Piano sounds of a different quality... amazed and delighted the ear."
Kulturring: Zeitschrift der Kulturvereine, Hamburg

"Everything had to yield to the unpretentious tone under Kotok's hands."
Lübeck News

"Kotok's mastery of her instrument was a remarkable feature of this concert. She made it roar like a lion and whisper as quietly as the grass plus all the emotions in between."
Leighton Buzzard Observer

"It was amazing how much tone so petite a body could bring out. She displayed enviable technique, while the poetry of the music was laid bare for all to hear."
Grieg Piano Concerto, Hampshire Chronicle

"Here at last is a pianist for whom music means far more than personal glory"
Beaconsfield Examiner

"Played with exquisite love and tenderness"
Mendelssohn Piano Concerto with the Croydon Symphony Orchestra and conductor Arthur Davison

A Glimpse behind the scenes - Checking the position and sound of the piano on stage
Piano sound check
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