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Piano Lessons Overview
A sought after teacher (Teaching Diploma, Distinction), Carolyn Kotok has over 20 years international experience, teaching students of all ages and levels both privately and in various institutions.

An initial consultation involves first assessing the prospective pupil's personal and musical skills. If taken on, each individual then has a programme tailored for them which takes into account their age, ability and aspirations (and where relevant, those of their parents!). This programme, which encompasses musical awareness, technical facility and theory - as well as instruction in how to practise, a fundamental key to achieving results - is continually updated as the student progresses. This includes selecting suitable repertoire and working towards exams, diplomas and performances, where desired and appropriate.

( Overview / Masterclasses - Advanced Students / Adult Tuition / Teaching Children )

MasterClasses - Advanced Students and workshops
MasterClasses - Advanced Students

Work with advanced students is more of a collaborative nature. There is often as much to learn from the student as vice versa. Lessons include preparation for diplomas and guidance with concert programmes for accomplished pianists. Additionally, advice on effective preparation, performance psychology and even appropriate nutrition, are all contributory factors at the highest level.

I recently had the privilege of hearing Ms Kotok teach at Masterclasses here in Cape Town, South Africa. In both performance and teaching, I was impressed by her total dedication to the art of piano playing, demanding the most from herself and her students. As a teacher, she is clearly an asset to any up-and-coming concert pianist
Ms S. Kettle (Resident Accompanist, Beau Soleil Music Centre; Lecturer, University of Cape Town)

Having studied under Ms Kotok, achieving Distinctions at Grades 6,7 and 8, I have always considered her to be a role model which pupils and teachers alike should aspire to. With her in-depth analysis and interpretation bringing music to life, Carolyn's techniques of teaching have been passed on successfully to my pupils. Whilst demanding exacting standards across the spectrum, her lessons were always humorous, methodical and inspiring.
Tamara Beldom, Professional Musician (pupil 1992-97)

We first became aware of Carolyn Kotok when she was recommended by her former teacher Benjamin Kaplan. Although our daughter was a gifted clarinettist she had never studied the piano and we were astounded at the rapid progress she made - from nothing to Grade 8 Distinction in 4 years. Clearly she had innate ability but was extremely fortunate in a finding a teacher of such excellence. We have always unhesitatingly recommended Carolyn whenever we've been asked about piano teachers. We attended a piano recital by Carolyn at the Purcell Room and were quite enthralled by her playing which has a huge dynamic and emotional range - an outstanding recital!
We are both professional violinists and have performed with literally 100's of pianists and do not praise her lightly.

Charles Beldom and Donna Chapman

( Overview / Masterclasses - Advanced Students / Adult Tuition / Teaching Children )

Adult Tuition Adult Piano TuitionAdult Piano Tuition

Adult students come from all walks of life and have different interests and goals. Often a welcome diversion from their jobs or purely a hobby for fun, a flexible programme is devised for each individual's needs. Under the right supervision, it is never too late to learn.

Since taking lessons with Carolyn, my performance and technique have both improved tremendously. Due to her complete professionalism, she has made playing the piano a totally new experience for me, opening my eyes to the art of music. This has enabled me to perform on a much higher level.
Mr W H Hiew (Diploma student, LLB Graduate.)

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( Overview / Masterclasses - Advanced Students / Adult Tuition / Teaching Children )

Piano lessons for children
Teaching Children

Most parents appreciate the enormous benefits that even a modest musical education can give a young person or child, whatever their talent. Often keen to learn but hard to motivate, kids are good barometers of one's teaching methods. Recognising the importance of maintaining a firm but patient and encouraging approach, while ensuring that high standards of playing are strictly adhered to, means that Carolyn establishes a highly productive rapport with her pupils, which has proved both effective and mutually rewarding.

Carolyn is an outstanding piano teacher. She has a rare ability both to inspire and enthuse children, and to develop their keyboard and general musical skills systematically but also with flair and warmth.
Richard Morrison, Chief Music Critic, The Times

Charlie and James are progressing at an amazing pace, are enjoying it and most excellent of all they are practising without any prodding from me! There is no doubt that they are self-motivated and yes, they are supported in their efforts at home, however, we both know that bad teaching can destroy even the most willing student. I can hardly believe how far James has progressed on the piano considering he has only been playing for 3 months. Thank you for pushing my boys in such a kind and encouraging way.
Mrs Malin

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I have appreciated Ms Kotok's efforts with my children. I have a degree in music, so feel I am in a good position to judge and appreciate just how much skill and patience it must have taken her to cause my boys to show the enthusiasm they have for their music lessons and the progress they have shown. Somehow, she has even made my boys look forward to their lessons and want to practise, which is a feat I considered impossible.
Mrs Summers

I have not had the chance of meeting you but I wanted to tell you how wonderful it has been for Guillermo to have you as his teacher. He loves piano and practises every day. (Roberto quit the piano because he did not get on well with his other teacher.) I want to thank you for being so kind to my sons. You have worked hard with Guillermo and he is really lucky and happy. Thank you!
Mrs Rodriguez (music school parent)

All my friends think it's really cool me having a kickboxing piano teacher!
Sebastian (aged 14)

( Overview / Masterclasses - Advanced Students / Adult Tuition / Teaching Children )

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