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Corporate Lessons Overview

Corporate Overview / Comments from Corporate Clients )

The classic antidote to stress - piano lessons in the City

For the last few years, Carolyn has been teaching an increasing number of city professionals who have discovered the therapeutic value of music making as the perfect shift in focus from their high pressure jobs.

Ancient Greek philosophers believed that music could heal both the body and soul.
Scientific studies show that music can relieve stress, promote an overall sense of well-being and even lower blood pressure and heart rate.

Seeking respite from the driven environment of their work, Clients may be total beginners learning a new skill, all the way to advanced amateurs who have the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with a once forgotten talent. At every level, the lessons are tailored to each individual's ability and are both challenging and relaxing. Clients emerge invigorated, with the result that both they and their corporate employers benefit.

Piano Lessons in the City

Piano lessons in the City  of London

Carolyn is established as resident piano teacher to a thriving music club at UBS Investment Bank. With a growing number of companies showing interest in bringing music to the work place, she is also currently discussing offering on-site daytime tuition to other firms based within the Square Mile.

Comments from Corporate Clients

Playing the piano and my lessons with Carolyn are the perfect antidote to working in the City. Carolyn is a great motivator as well as friend and teacher.
Mr J Milligan, Partner, Clyde and Co.

After a lifetime of wishing I had continued my piano lessons at the age of 10 when I just about learnt the first octave from middle C, an amazing opportunity arose to study the piano at work. Thanks to Carolyn's patient and expert teaching skills, after two years, I am now able to read music and play some small pieces both classical and jazz - which is so rewarding and fun.
My only regret is that I didn't take it up earlier.
It's never too late to learn and I can't believe how far I've come. Thank you Carolyn.
Anne Knight, CEO Management PA, UBS

After several years away from the piano, I was delighted when UBS music club invited Carolyn to offer lessons to UBS employees during work hours. Now one year on, my technique is better than ever, and I am really enjoying playing once again. Being taught by someone of Carolyn's calibre is a privilege and truly inspirational. Moreover, the lessons are very good fun and she is great at explaining all aspects of the piano.

I must also commend her patience, particularly while enduring my renditions of the Chopin Etudes!
Rory Beaton, Bond Trader, UBS

I feel so privileged to have a teacher of such calibre and professionalism. Carolyn is inspiring and makes learning the piano an enjoyable experience for me. She is a great motivator and I cannot praise her highly enough.
UBS furnishes its employees with the easily accessible instruments for both the lessons and practice. This convenience is a godsend and a benefit that makes my whole learning experience all the more pleasurable.

Sue Man, FX Client Onboarding, UBS

Heading off to the piano room for my lesson with Carolyn every week is a special time for me in an otherwise busy work environment.
Lessons are always fun, encouraging and challenging - and that's because Carolyn is such an inspiring and patient teacher. As a beginner, I'm making real progress through my piano lessons at work. That's because Carolyn understands how to focus her student's attention into the music making and away from the world of work so that they get the very best of her expertise.

Ann Drew, City Worker

The half-hour in the middle of a busy day (sometimes TOO busy) provides a very welcome diversion.
They say that a change is as good as a rest. I think that making both hands do different things while I read and listen and coordinate it all probably makes new connections in my brain - I'm hoping it might delay the onset of Alzheimer's!
I have found and continue to find learning the piano extremely rewarding. It seems to be one of those things that you just have to chip away at week after week and you eventually get there. Then when you look back over the year and see the progression it is very pleasing.
As for Carolyn's teaching, I find her calm and patient and extremely knowledgeable. Whenever I have struggled with my fingers tying themselves in knots she manages to point to exactly where I am going wrong and show a clear way forward.
I think the sense of achievement in keeping up with my children is not to be underestimated.
Ian Paczek, Director, UBS

Carolyn is a charming and gifted teacher. She seems to know instinctively what I'm finding difficult as a late beginner and what I will respond to by way of practice and learning. She manages to be both challenging and encouraging, and is permanently patient and cheerful
Richard Hardie, Vice-Chair, UBS Ltd

( Corporate Overview /Comments from Corporate Clients )

Piano Lessons in the City of  LondonPiano Lessons in the City of  London For inquiries regarding lessons in the city please use the form on contact us Piano Lessons in the City of  LondonPiano Lessons in the City of  London